RHS Technologies represents extensive experience of over 40 years in the telecommunications industry. As this industry has developed from electro-mechanical systems, through digital, to IP (VoIP) sytems RHS Tech. has advanced with the industry. We now specialize in customer-owned IP phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Advantages of having your own IP PBX

  • Service can be provided anywhere in the world with telephone numbers from anywhere and can be moved intact without a number change to anywhere.
  • Service independence: The system, being user-owned, allows owner choice service of suppliers and a mixture of different VoIP trunks (outside lines) and landlines.
  • Independence of internet service: This kind of system can stand alone without internet using landlines or can provide service using internet based services, which can be changed.
  • Less internet load: Unlike a virtual PBX, which is totally dependent on the internet, a VoIP PBX places a lesser demand on the internet service.



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